One of Australia's most passionate reptile businesses. So large it takes 3 locations to bring you one complete service.

Canberra Reptile Zoo at Gold Creek Village - our premium educational tourist destination.

For reptile keepers, our retail outlet in Kambah and our new Reptile & Aquarium store in Queanbeyan for all your reptile & aquarium keeping needs.

For your next event or school fete, don't forget our mobile education displays.


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Its rare for us to have a sale as we are already so much cheaper than regular pet stores but over this weekend reptiles inc Kambah will be discounting Christmas gift ideas for reptile keepers, hermit crab set ups, gold fish starter kits fighting fish , reptile light bulbs, substrates, live foods, fish tanks and other items!! Also due to it being the last weekend before Christmas we are opening Sunday from 10 am till 3pm for regular trade and to continue our sale!!

Bearded dragons for sale in Canberra store !!
Eastern Blue-tongue lizards for sale in ACT store!
Contact our shop for exact availability but the season has started.

KRABOOZ comes to Reptiles Inc retail shops!! - Click here to find out more.

Queanbeyan REPTILES INC & AQUARIUM store nears it's grand opening day!!