One of Australia's most passionate reptile businesses. So large it takes 3 locations to bring you one complete service.

Canberra Reptile Zoo at Gold Creek Village - our premium educational tourist destination.

For reptile keepers, our retail outlet in Kambah and our Reptile & Aquarium store in Queanbeyan for all your reptile & aquarium keeping needs.

For your next event or school fete, don't forget our mobile education displays.


With the new Queanbeyan store nearing it's grand opening, it's a big boast but we are aiming to be one of the largest Aquarium stores in the region!!

Neptunes Haven has been in business for up to 30 years and back in it's early years was recognised as one of the biggest Aquarium shops servicing Canberra and Queanbeyan. Since taking the building over Reptiles inc has been renovating, and the store is currently open and operating but not at full capacity with reptiles permits still not clear and 12 more aquariums to go in!!

When completed, it's our objective to return the store to its former aquarium specialist status with the twist of being the largest reptile shop in NSW!!!

For up to the minute information about this follow our Facebook page.


ACT REPTILES ARE BACK IN SEASON. Call for exact availability but Eastern bearded dragons are coming, as well as Eastern bearded dragons now available in our ACT shop.
A lot of people don't stop to think that reptiles have a specific breeding season! As one of the largest reptile businesses in Australia we "stock pile" reptiles during Spring and Summer so we still have animals to sell you during the winter months but even we still run out!! It happens every year... this quiet period between selling the last bearded dragons and waiting for this seasons to hatch!! What will be exciting this year is that when our NSW permits clear for our Queanbeyan store we will be able to sell Pythons, Geckos, Pygmy and Central Bearded Dragons so the gap between breeding seasons will get a lot smaller! Especially with our ability to sell Short Necked Turtles which are available all year round.

Breeding season usually starts in late November - early December, you can add your name to our call list when they become available and watch our Facebook page! (permits will be required by ACT residence to purchase the animals in our Queanbeyan store, contact us about how to get one)