We come to you! Mobile reptile shows and displays.  
Check out our video to the left to see just some of the displays we have done over the years!  
Phone the Gold Creek store to enquire or book:  
(02) 6253 8533  
Birthday parties, school incursions, fetes & festivals, expos, shopping centre displays and more

Want to stand out at your next event with something for all ages? Great for fetes, shopping centres and public or private events, our mobile displays are ideal for entertainment and education.  
All displays are aimed at making the public aware of Australian native fauna and promoting conservation through education, in a fun and interactive way.  
Our displays use only native Australian animals. We do not bring venomous animals to any display.  
Animals and displays can be rearranged to suit the needs of your organisation.  
For full insurance or licensing details and risk assessment reports please contact us and we can email that information out.  
Display Specifications:  
General area required is a minimum of 3x6 metres but larger is preferred.  
Includes the following:  
Experienced reptile handler/s:  
The reptile handler is there to supervise reptiles in the open reptile patting area, answer questions and remove animals from the reptile carrier one at a time for the public to touch.  
Reptile Carrier:  
Contains various reptiles to be removed , discussed and held for touching by the public.  
3x3x3 Foot Reptile contact enclosure on stand:  
Reptile contact enclosure or patting area, an open topped display with rocks, plants and branches. The glass wall that surrounds the enclosure is high enough to prevent the animals from escaping but low enough to allow older members of the public to reach over and touch the animals inside. Animals used in this display are bluetongues, turtles and dragons. This area is supervised at all times and our most popular display ever!  
Information posters:  
Information such as native location, diet, characteristics and interesting facts are posted all around the display for each of the animals inside.  
Native reptiles used in this display may include:  
Bearded Dragons  
1 - 2 display enclosures.  
This is a fully enclosed display enclosure furnished with either desert sand native grass and rocky outcrops (desert display) or gum branches leaves and vines (tree top display). Surrounded by glass, these display are designed to represent the native habitat of the animal within. Such as large pythons or active goannas. These mobile enclosures are unique to Reptiles inc. designed and built by our team. They are large and assembled in minutes. The artificial rocks give the appearance of a permanent display and the 360 degree view of the enclosure means animals are not hiding out of view.  
Life size 3D display statues may also be used depending on duration of display.  
Please contact our Gold Creek store on (02) 6253 8533 or email canberrareptilezoo@icloud.com for quotes, availability or to make a booking.  
All displays have a minimum 3 hour charge. We do not charge for set up or pack down.  
Prices on application beginning at $200 per hour.  
Some examples of our setups: